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NS2 projects:

NS2 projects are highly trusted by researchers. It helps them to simulate their network plans.NS2 can be used to simulate wired and wireless routing protocols. NS2 scripts are written in tcl and the objects communicate by c++ objects and OTCL objects to simulate the scenario.

NS2 projects can be used to simulate

1.MANET(Mobile Ad-hoc Network)

2.VANET(Vehicular Ad-hoc Network)

3.Wired and wireless routing protocols

To begin with NS2 projects we have to do the following operation

1.Set the parameters

2.Create the instance of the simulator

3.Create trace file

4. Create topology

5.Set the boundaries of the network

6.Configure the node

7.Create the traffic flow

8.Start the simulation

$ns_ run

In order to run the simulation we need to give the $ns_ run.

Example of NS2 Projects:

./NS2 projects2.jpg

Domain Name Service:

What is DNS?

DNS helps to map the internet domain name to their corresponding IP address.


The requester node request DNS to map their IP address. The attacker node can attack the DNS directly by hacking the request.


The command and control used for avoiding powerful attacks in the network. To do this process , system uses Python Modular DNS Server. This python modular DNS server responds to the DNS request.

Domain Name Service provide infrastructure for updating, storing data that need for command and control system. The attacker system attacks the request sent by the normal node we need to product the normal node from the attack. For this purpose we introduce botnet command and control system. Botnet command and control system analyse the request before it reaches Domain Name Service. If there is any attack in the request the botnet command and control system converts the attacks into normal request at the same time it informs to the controller. Therefore the attack of DNS system is avoided.

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