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NS2 simulation projects:

NS2 simulation projects helps to simulate all wireless ,mobile, MANET , VANET etc networks. It is mostly used for simulating routing protocols most popularly in simulating Ad-hoc networks like MANET(Mobile Ad-hoc Network), VANET (Vehicular Ad-hoc Network).NS2 simulation projects are built with the help of C++ and network simulator provides interface with TCL. The programmer has to create topology with the help of TCL interface. NS2 simulator are the object oriented simulator that support class hierarchy in c++. We do NS2 simulation projects for all scholars to simulate the network.

Components of NS2 simulation Projects

Ns2 simulation projects can be used to simulate wireless network, the wireless node consist of the following components

1.Interface queue

2.Link Layer

3.The PHY layer

The MAC layer

First we need to define the type of network , type of antenna, routing protocol used for the nodes. Then we have to configure the simulator.

How ns2 simulation project works?

To do NS2 simulation we have to write tcl script . To write a tcl script , as a pre-request we should have knowledge of programming. As first step we have to define various variables like we have to set the values of what type of protocol we are going to implement in the project and what routing protocol we are going to use , etc. Then network simulator object is created, topography is set ,nodes are created and size , shape, colour of nodes are defined . As the final step we have to run the simulator.

Example of NS2 simulator:

./NS2 simulation projects2.jpg

In this example we are going to create nodes and transmit the packets in aodv routing protocol. Here two nodes acts as the server and the server node transmit the packet . In this example the server sends packets without loss. We can set size and colour of the nodes as shown.

As shown in the figure node 8 acts as the server and sends packet to node 6 . We support and guide all students and scholars to do ns2 simulation projects.


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