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Ns3 code:

NS3 code mainly developed for research and education. Network simulators used to simulate various networks before implementing it in environment. Deploying the network simulation concepts directly to the environment requires large amount of investments . These ns3 code helps researchers to simulate their idea virtually before deploying it in environment. We help students and scholars to learn and write ns3 code.

Scripting language for NS3 code:

The ns3 code is mainly written in C++ and python languages. Writing script in python is optional one.

Architecture of NS3 code:

./ns3 code2.jpg

NS3 coding Standard:

1.Each command of ns3 code is separated in a line which will increase the readability

2.Each set of commands are separated with pair of braces

3.Variables name should be readable and in understandable version.

4.Variables are declared when it is needed.

5.Filename should be in readable format for example and it should not be like ""

6.All the letters in the file name should not be in capital like ""

7.All the function requirements should be well explained within comments .

8.A proper indentation should be followed in coding .

NS3 code Simulation:

1.Include all the required files

2.Include the correct namespace

3.Set starting and stopping time of the simulation

4.Node creation step

5.Create PHY and MAC layers

6.Set interconnections between the nodes

7.Write routing protocol

8.Create trace file

9.Run the simulation

We offer more ideas to implement network and also various ns3 services like research work,paper publications, journal publications , NS3 projects and much more . we have a well experienced team to implement ns3 code. And we follow ns3 coding standards to make sure that the students and scholars can understand the coding procedure very well.


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