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Network simulation projects:

Network simulation projects are used for simulating the wireless and mobile networks. Here we discuss about the wireless networks.

What is WSN?

Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) , the name itself provides us the information that it is the network of sensor nodes which provides us the information about the environmental changes such as pressure, humidity , temperature , vibration , pollutants , sound etc. We do network simulation projects for students and scholars. The wireless sensors senses the environmental conditions and sends to the correct location. The wireless sensor network can be

There are two types of WBAN in communication they are

         1. Uni directional

         2. Bi-directional


In this type of network the sensors senses the environment and sends the data to the main location and from the main location the sensor network does not receive any data also the activities of the network can not be controlled from the main location.


In this type of network the wireless sensor Network(WSN) senses the data and sends the sensed data to main location and from the main location the data can be send to the wireless sensor networks(WSN) and its activities can be controlled from the location. We guide people to do their network simulation projects .


There are lots of applications which are using these wireless sensor networks

  • Security purpose

    Monitoring security in military

    Monitoring security of home

  • Patient monitoring

    Monitoring illness of a patient

    Monitoring energy of a patient

    Monitoring sugar, BP, heart beat of a patient

  • Environmental sensing purpose

    Land slide monitoring

    Water level and quality monitoring

    Monitoring Air pollution

    Detecting natural disasters

Characteristics of Wireless sensor network:

  • Ability to withstand for any environmental condition
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to adjust even with node failure
  • Easily portable

WSN Network Simulation Projects

We can design any wireless sensor network in Omnet++. Omnet is an object oriented programming language which is used for simulation . For example we can simulate wireless sensor network for environmental temperature change. If the temperature is above 45 degree then we need to report to the main location . Similarly we can simulate any kind of network simulation projects using omnet++.

Simple Network Simulation Project:

./Network simulation projects2.jpg

We provide network simulation projects for B.E/M.E, / using omnet++ to simulate WSN (wireless sensor network).


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