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Network simulator 2 projects

Network simulator 2 projects helps to perform various simulation using TCL and C++. We guide students to do their network simulator 2 projects and to simulate their routing protocols. Network simulator 2 is an event driven program. It is basically designed to simulate wireless and wired network.

Application s of NS2:

NS2 helps to simulate the following

         1.simulate wireless sensor networks and its protocol

         2.Mobile ad hoc networks and its protocol

         3.various IP networks

         4.New protocol before deploying it in environment

         5.Real time experiments

Protocols implemented using NS2:

Network simulator 2 projects can implement the following protocol

  • TORA
  • DSR
  • DSDV
  • ZRP
  • AODV

Transport layer protocols

  • TCP
  • UDP

Wired network layer protocol

There are lots of applications which are using these wireless sensor networks

  • Satellite model
  • Queue management
  • LAN-Local Area Network
  • FTP
  • Telnet
  • HTTP
  • SCTP
  • RTCP
  • XCP
  • RTP
  • Multicast protocols
  • Hierarchical Routing Protocols
  • Unicast protocols

Wireless network Layer protocol:

  • Routing protocols

Types of routing protocol Network Simulator 2 Projects:

There are two types of routing protocols

  • proactive routing protocols

  • Reactive routing protocols

In Proactive Routing protocols has the routing information before it is transferred. Whereas reactive protocols knows the information dynamically that is at the time of transferring the data.

Steps involved in Network Simulator 2 projects:

TCL script is written

Simulation object is written with C++

OTCL objects are created from TCL scripts

OTCL and C++ objects can communicate with each other

Run the scripts

./Network simulator 2 projects2.jpg

We can create a simple wired network that has a server , a router and clients the server sends the packet to the clients through a router . Similar to this we can create any number of clients and routers to simulate a network.

We guide students to do their own projects and own scenario in ns2 and do their network simulator projects.


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