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Omnet++ Vanet Projects:

Omnet ++ vanet projects are mostly used to simulate the moving vehicles . VANET (Vehicular Ad hoc Network ) has various applications like to avoid traffic, avoid accidents,etc.

What is VANET ?

VANET is one of the type of MANET(Mobile ad-hoc Network) ,VANET helps to make communication between the moving vehicles.In VANET ,every moving vehicle acts as the mobile node.

SUMO simulation tool:

SUMO is open source simulation tool simulates the vehicular communication. SUMO helps to simulate VANET to perform vehicular Ad hoc network.

VANET's Characteristics

  • Node mobility.

  • Security and privacy.

  • Infrastructure support.

  • Sensitive Data exchange under real time.

  • Infrastructure support.

  • Unbound Network size.

  • Node mobility.

Omnet++ is eclipse based IDE used to simulate wireless and mobile networks .Here in omnet++, VANET is designed to perform vehicular communication and SUMO is used to simulate the road simulation.We provide full support for students in doing their omnet++ VANET projects.

Characteristics of SUMO:

The following are characteristics of SUMO,

  • 1.Gives dynamic user assignment
  • 2. Vehicle communication is made.
  • 3. Easily portable
  • 4. Interoperable
  • 5.Collision free vehicles

Omnet++ VANET projects are object oriented language that helps to develop or simulate the wireless networks and vehicles .Every vehicle act as the wireless mobile node. We serve M.E/ students and ph.d scholars to develop their academic projects.

Various application of VANET:

Road safety applications

Traffic management

Broad band services

Traffic co-ordination

Reduction and emission of air pollution

How to configure VANET project in SUMO:

The VANET helps to simulate the traffic simulator .Here we simulate the VANET with the help of SUMO .

These are the following steps to simulate the traffic ,

1.Export the map location as OSM file

2.Create xml route files

3.Create configuration file to run the simulator.

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We guide students and scholars to simulate the omnet++ VANET projects with SUMO .


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