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VANET based projects:

VANET based projects are the main component in today's transporting system. Here we discuss about some of the VANET based project to enlighten the VANET ideas .

Principle of VANET:

VANET Vehicular Ad-hoc Network works with the basic principle of MANET Mobile Ad-hoc Network. The VANET architecture gives a framework to develop road traffic system. In MANET we have the wireless network have the network of vehicles. Vehicles in the network plays the role of wireless sensors which can communicate with each other and the road side unit. The vehicles are connected in a network only with in a range if the vehicle moves away from the network , other vehicle enters into the network.

Each vehicle carries radio like device which is used to communicate with the other vehicle in the network.

How VANET implements Intelligent Transport System:

In VANET , each vehicle has the role of receiver, sender and router to transmit the messages . The communication between the vehicles are made with the help of radio like device which ensure that the message reaches the other vehicle safely without any traffic in communication. We support students in simulating VANET based projects .

VANET classification:

Based on the features the VANET can be classified in to



Microscopic traffic simulators simulate the local behaviour of the single vehicle by considering the position and velocity. Macroscopic traffic simulators can simulate the traffic in global level.

VANET based projects is used to simulate the network protocols in the traffic simulator. There are many simulators available to develop these VANET based projects like SUMO , NS2,NS3 ,etc. We help student to simulate the VANET in all these simulators.

Example for VANET based Projects:

./VANET based projects2.jpg

Traffic signal violation warning application is one of the example for VANET. Passing the traffic signal or crossing a intersection is one of the risky application in driving. In this application , alert signal is given to the driver .

We guide ph.d scholars and students to simulate the VANET based projects and support throughout their completion of projects.


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