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VANET projects :

VANET projects used to simulate the road side traffics. These simulation helps us to avoid accident, to find out lost vehicles etc.

What is VANET?

VANET is Vehicular Ad-hoc Network which is a type of Mobile Ad-hoc Network(MANET) . In VANET every moving vehicle is consider to be a node and these moving vehicles can communicate with each other and to the road side unit. These road side unit is consider to be the base station which collects the information from the base station. Each vehicle has a radio like a device which serves them to communicate. The main goal of these VANET projects are to make our travel tension free and enjoyable .

One of the most interesting fact about the VANET projects is that it is very spontaneous and the in-expensive wireless network that make communication between moving vehicles which serves to exchange the useful information like warning messages to drivers to avoid accidents and travel congestions.

How it works?

In addition the vehicle to communicate with each other, vehicles also act as the router which sends the information or passes the information between the nodes that is other vehicles. Thus VANET act as a self organising network. VANET does not contain any fixed node except road side unit which acts as the base station to collect the information from the nodes(vehicles).

Characteristics of VANET:

VANET is rapid but somewhat predictable topology.

Network fragmentation occurs frequently.

VANET has small network diameter.

The communication time between two vehicles are very less because the vehicles moves with higher speed and if the vehicles moves in the opposite direction has the less time to communicate when compared to the vehicle move in same direction. This communication time is short lived because the vehicles moves away from the network range when the vehicle moves very fast.

Example for VANET projects:

./VANET projects2 .jpg

In these application the VANET is designed in such a way that it supports the driver to run the vehicle in curving and alerts the driver curve speed warning. The curve warning system guides the driver with the characteristics of the vehicle he/she running ,based on the whether condition ,geometry of the curves

We guide all students and scholars to simulate their traffic with VANET which helps them to visualize their traffic network as VANET projects.


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