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VANET simulators:

VANET simulators are the GUI tool which help us to simulate the vehicular transmission over a network. TRANS(Traffic and Network Simulation environment) is a GUI which integrates traffic and network simulators like SUMO.

How to install SUMO?

1. Download SUMO from the respective software

2. Extract the source file of the SUMO

3. Open the bin folder inside the source folder and execute the .exe file inside the folder

4. Install the SUMO software.

VANET Simulators:

Wireless communication became an important tool in our daily lives. Now a days VANET became very famous and researchers are continuously evolving this technology as wireless networks. In wireless communication each wireless sensors act as the wireless node in the network. The VANET is developed from the Mobile Ad-hoc Network where each and every vehicle in the network acts as the wireless node. These vehicles can communicate with each other and communicate with the road side unit.

VANET simulators classification:

VANET simulators are classified into



Microscopic VANET simulators:

It simulates the local characteristics of the vehicles. It specifies the velocity and position of a vehicle at a particular time .It helps in the local traffic simulation . It is easily scalable .

Macroscopic VANET simulators:

It predicts the traffic condition based on the global manner. It uses the wave theory concept.The traffic is mentioned as density or average speed.

Architecture of the Simulator:

./VANET simulators22.jpg

In this example we simulate the traffic based on the vehicle position ,speed ,etc. In VANET simulators each vehicle is act as the moving node and all the vehicles in network are connected . So the vehicles sends all its position to other vehicles in order to avoid traffic.

As shown in the figure all the vehicles in the network is connected so each and every vehicle knows its own position so we can avoid traffic.

A network component is used to simulate the activities of a wireless networks.And the traffic component helps to simulate the mobility model for the vehicles in the network.

VANET simulators:

There are various simulators can be used to simulate VANETs.

MOVE-Mobility model generator for Vehicular networks

SUMO-Simulation of urban mobility.

CARISMA traffic simulator with ns2

Simulation Example:

./VANET Simulators21.jpg

We support all students and scholars to simulate their network with the help of VANET simulators and improve the scalability and visualize their project.


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