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Vanet simulation in ns2:

Vanet simulation in ns2 is used to simulate information transmission between moving vehicles. Vehicular ad-hoc Network is considered to be one of the mobile sensor network with high mobility and topology changes.

In VANET ,each moving vehicle act as the mobile node .The VANET node has the ability to sense various data like speed controlling, environment monitoring , locating the lost vehicle and traffic monitoring in the wide range of network. VANET simulation in ns2 is emerging technology so it is one of the best choices of students to simulate the traffic networks .

Communication in VANET:

In VANET, vehicles can communicate with each other within particular boundary. The VANET nodes can communicate by two ways they are

1.Vehicle to infrastructure

2.Vehicle to vehicle

Vehicle to infrastructure:

./Vanet simulation in ns22.jpg

Vehicle to vehicle:

In this communication type , the vehicle communicates with another vehicle within the network.

VANET help us for safe travelling by avoiding accidents and control our speed .Like GPS guide us to travel to particular area and communicate with vehicles in the network. VANET simulation in ns2 helps to simulate the network in a realistic way.

Benefits of VANET:

1.Cooperative driving

2.Information sharing

3.Internet access, navigation

VANET uses the following technologies,

1.Wireless communication

2.Video vehicle detection

3.Computational technologies

4.Sensing technologies

Example VANET simulation in NS2:

In this example we are going to use vehicle to infra structure way of communication that is the vehicles going to send the information to the road side units is as shown in the figure.

The above example simulates the vehicle to infrastructure way of communication the road side unit controls the vehicles. We help B.E/M.E students and ph.d scholars to do VANET simulation in ns2 in a effective way.