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Internet Of Things(IOT):

Internet Of Things is the advanced technology which has intelligence, sensing, big data that delivers a complete product or a service. Due its flexibility it has many applications in wide range of industries. It has enhanced data collectivity, automations and much more operations which serves humanity as well.

Features of IOT:

Small Devices:

IOT can be implemented in a small devices therefore the cost of the product reduces also it is active for long time. Also it has more scalability, versatility, etc


IOT devices are interconnected and also connected with the device which it gets monitored . Since the IOT devices are smaller in size and interconnected the networking cost also will be cheap.


Sensors play a important role in IOT. Without sensors IOT is completely meaningless. The sensors integrates the real world utilities into the device .

Advantages of IOT:

There is wide area of advantages available for IOT here listed are some of them,

1. Technology Optimization

2. Reduces Waste

3. Improved effective engagement with audience.

4. Very effective data collection.

Hardware Devices for IOT:

The hardware devices include the sensors , routers, bridging devices etc. These devices helps us to sense the information directly from the real world and stores the data. Some of the Hardware devices like

1.pressure sensors
2.humidity sensors
3.acoustic sensors
4.Wearable and non wearable sensors
5.Standard devices like desktop, cell phone , tablet etc

Software and IOT:

IOT requires a software that has to do several operations with the real data collected. It is designed in such a way that it performs some analytics and bridges the gap between the IOT hardware devices.IOT uses some standard protocols like NFC, low energy , RFID, etc. These protocols helps IOT devices in networking.


For example an employee attendance can be maintained using IOT devices. The ID card is sensed and the attendance is automatically updated. The sensor senses the ID card and the software behind that updates the attendance of the employee.

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