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Internet Of Things using Cloud Computing:

Internet Of Things is internet connected devices that supports our life . IOT devices collects data from the environment and gets collected in a computer. Another platform that used mainly for storage details is cloud computing. IOT and cloud computing are tightly coupled . The combination of IOT and cloud computing helps to process the sensory information.

What is IOT?

IOT is Internet of Things is the devices that connected to the internet. When the devices are implanted in the real time network it starts collecting the information from the environment from where it implanted and since it is connected to the internet, the sensed information sends to the internet connected device.

What is cloud Computing??

Cloud computing is also internet based thing that used to share the resources . It is like a shared pool from where the users can share the collected information through internet.

IOT and Cloud Computing:

IOT devices collects the large amount data from the environment and stores directly in the cloud. So the cloud users can directly access the data. Therefore the IOT stores directly the data to the cloud and the cloud users can do analytics based on the data collected.

Manually gathering the large amount of real time data is not very accurate and it is time delaying process. IOT devices helps us to collect the sensed information accurately and cloud helps us to store the data.

Example for Cloud Computing and IOT:

./NS2 programs2.jpg

Many companies offer cloud space where the user can create the username and password for the cloud space. The IOT devices senses the information for example consider traffic sensation and number of vehicle crossed the signal in a particular location at the particular time. The data collected is automatically stored in the cloud space which is created by the user.

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