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IOT Projects:

What is IOT?

IOT is internet of things. It is nothing but networking of devices. For example, vehicles, buildings are connected to the electronic devices like sensors, actuators, etc. The IOT devices helps us to control the devices across the network remotely. Internet of things can communicate with human to human or human to computer.

Evolution of IOT:

IOT is evolved from Micro electro mechanical system and wireless technologies and internet. It bridges the gap between Operational technology and Information Technology. It helps the machine generated data to be used for improvement of system.
Today the whole world is occupied by computer and internet. Human has only limited time to control everything at the same time human need to collect real data from the world in order to reduce the waste of money, energy, etc. IOT helps a lot to capture the real time data.

Applications of IOT:

IOT has applications in many industries like,
1. Healthcare
2. Building Management
3. precision Agriculture
4. Transportation
5. Environmental Monitoring

Example For Internet Of Things:

./Body area network projects2.jpg

Internet Of Things

Consider in the healthcare System, a patient need to be monitored 24 hours for example the heart beat rate has to be monitored . The sensor can be embedded on patients body and the sensor senses the heart beat rate and sends the information to the computer and computer automatically stores the data. Here IOT plays important role in health of the patient also human power reduces since a nurse need not monitor the heart beat rate and note it in a paper manually. We provide more project regarding IOT devices for all students and scholars.

The above is example of WBAN network for patient monitoring system which helps to monitor patient's heart beat,BP ,sugar level etc and report to doctor with the help of body node co-ordinator.

Advantages of IOT:

1. Lot of money could be saved because of IOT since many IOT devices replaces the humans and so maintenance charge also reduces a lot.
2. Time is saved by monitoring real time data.
3. More informative since it is easier to make decision based on data collected in the past.
4. Easy for data tracking.

We provide project based on IOT devices in addition we also guide students and scholars to do their projects based on IEEE journals on the stipulated time.


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