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Java 2016 IEEE TITLES:

Serial Title
1. Implementation of association rules with apriori algorithm for increasing the quality of promotion
2. Designing an agile enterprise architecture for mining company by using TOGAF framework
3.Readiness for implementing data warehouse of higher education system with Sodano's perspective
4. Folksonomy Based Trend Analysis on Community Question Answering Sites: A Perspective on Software Technologies
5.Mining the GPS big data to optimize the taxi dispatching management
6. Mining Cryptography Misuse in Online Forums
7. An implementation of graph based text classification technique for social media
8. Invoicing and analytics for small and micro manufacturing enterprises
9. A Preliminary Study Examining Relationships Between Nano-Patterns and Software Security Vulnerabilities
10. A hosting service of multi-language historage repositories
11. Text analytics on start-up descriptions
12. Local programming language barriers in stream-based systems
13. Evaluation of Programming Tools for the Development of Data MiningDriven Forecasting Software Tool for Quality Function Deployment
14.Big biomedical image processing hardware acceleration: A case study for K-means and image filtering
15. The Use of Summation to Aggregate Software Metrics Hinders the Performance of Defect Prediction Models
16. Replica selection in the cloud environments using an ant colony algorithm
17.Introducing Acacia-RDF: An X10-Based Scalable Distributed RDF Graph Database Engine
18 Experiments with automated evaluation of domain usability
19.Mining Software Component Interactions to Detect Security Threats at the Architectural Level
20. Comparison of the performance of Drools and Jena rule-based systems for event processing on the semantic web
21. Atrina: Inferring Unit Oracles from GUI Test Cases
22. On top-down aspect Mining for monitoring techniques implementation
23. A cooperative approach for combining client-based and library-based API usage pattern mining
24. Identifying functionally similar code in complex codebases
25. Defending against the attack of the micro-clones
26. STAC: A tool for Static Textual Analysis of Code
27.Programmers Are Users Too: Human-Centered Methods for Improving Programming Tools
28 On the Use of Component-Based Principles and Practices for Architecting Cyber-Physical Systems
29.Java2SDG: Stateful big data processing for the masses
30. Inductive Visual Miner Plugin Customization for the Detection of Eventualities in the Processes of a Hospital Information System
31. Detecting Design Patterns in Object-Oriented Design Models by Using a Graph Mining Approach
32. Mining Analogical Libraries in Q&A Discussions -- Incorporating Relational and Categorical Knowledge into Word Embedding
33. A Case Study on Type Hints in Method Argument Names in Pharo Smalltalk Projects
34. Examining the Stability of Logging Statements
35. Duplication for the Removal of Duplication


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