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Java 2017 IEEE TITLES:

Serial Title
1. A Programming Model for Hybrid Collaborative Adaptive Systems
2. A Proposal of Software Architecture for Java Programming Learning Assistant System
3.A Proposal of Test Code Generation Tool for Java Programming Learning Assistant System
4. Formal Specification and Verification of Security Guidelines
5.Using Bivariate Gaussian Distribution Confidence Ellipses of Lightning Flashes for Efficiently Computing Reliable Large Area Density Maps
6. Web Ontology based multi-level CACHE Simulator
7. Investigation into applicability and efficiency of SQLite for implementation of Dijkstra's algorithm
8. Developing distributed computing applications with Tasklets
9. Sensor SelComp, a smart component for the industrial sensor cloud of the future
10. Correlation Analysis among Java Nano-Patterns and Software Vulnerabilities
11. A simulation model for the control of electric vehicles charging networks
12. Software-defined routing in convergent LTE/WiFi networks
13. Role of radio frequency identification in improving infant safety and the extent of nursing staff acceptance of RFID at King Abdulaziz medical city in Riyadh
14.GPU-Accelerated Parallel Hierarchical Extreme Learning Machine on Flink for Big Data
15. Closing the Gap between Unit Test Code and Documentation
16. An Architecture for the Development of Mutation Operators
17.Detecting overly strong preconditions in refactoring engines
18 Hybrid Program Dependence Approximation for Effective Dynamic Impact Prediction
19.Distributed Pinning Droop Control in Isolated AC Microgrids
20. The Design and Development of an App to Compute Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields
21. Application environment for browser-based in-vehicle
22. DTLB: Deterministic TLB for Tightly Bound Hard Real-Time Systems
23. Reviving Sequential Program Birthmarking for Multithreaded Software Plagiarism Detection
24. Multi-language re-documentation to support a COBOL to Java migration project
25. Developing a Prototype of REST-Based Database Application for Shipbuilding Industry: A Case Study
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